What is water walking and what are the benefits of water walking?

The benefits of water are almost endless – It keeps us hydrated, alert and top form. It can help keep out skin looking radiant and can help prevent a multitude of illnesses and diseases.

what is water walking

Exploiting water for fitness gain through swimming, which is, of course one of the best exercises known to man, is another unique benefit of water, but have you ever thought about water walking?

Below we explore some of the benefits water walking can have on one’s health.

Can build up muscles

Whilst aerobic forms of exercise carried out in water are accomplished much slower than on land, the water provides excellent resistance and this resistance can help tone and develop various muscle groups.

Benefits the joints

According to the medical publication “Arthritis Today”, unlike many land-based exercises such as running, walking in water can actually benefit the joints. This is because water provides buoyancy and supports the weight of the body, which in turn minimises the about of shock and pressure on the joints.

Anti-aging properties

Water has many therapeutic properties which can have a good effect on the overall look and elasticity of our skin. Water walking eliminates toxins from our bodies, and in having a detoxifying effect, can leave our skin radiant and glowing.


As water walking requires a swimming pool, or even a river or the sea, it is a form of exercise where one can meet people and socialise. Many fitness centres put on water walking sessions and classes which can be a great way to meet new people and truly master the art of water walking!

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